We went out last night with Steve and Saara and later Emily and Ivelle. We ended up clubbing to the early/late hours in Hoxton (at a very fashiony place which was likely a photography studio by day, with models and fashion art types, many from Africa, most likely Nigeria, where one of the acts was a singer/DJ white Serbian with black face. It worked) but we first went to a pub in Angel. There were these two boys on stage who took themselves maybe a bit too seriously and they were very much into the music. It made me ask myself what I could do to make my own work feel like that. I realized that I spend quite a bit of time basically wondering what to do and my current work tool these days is writing so I should therefore write about why I am not sure when I am not sure what to do. I should write down my frustrations which would then hopefully help solve them.

Sure, the writing I am doing often requires quite a bit of thought and dialog to clarify and connect. But that should not be an excuse for a prolonged walk. The solution is to blog! Blog when I’m happy, blog when I’m confused. So therefore I have taken up this blog again. It’ll be interesting.

It’s an interesting time for me in general. Emily and I have been marrried almost a year now and we are doing a massive renovation of our flat and the summer place in Norway is almost complete.

I’m sitting in the flat in London writing this, on my iPad Original with the keyboard, at the dining table. Emily pottering about. Classical music streamed from the bedroom. Sunny and wonderful outside. My MacBook Air is looking at me expectantly, like a puppu dog, waiting for me to finish this so I can do an edit of the book and try to put Hyperwords on this blog.

Frappucino with real Starbucks base and Casi Ciello, but too much ice. Putting a few words down before Emily’s parents come and pick us up to drive me to Gatwick for Norway where my parents are and where I will take my mother to the summer place for the first time since it’s almost finished, tomorrow morning.

The piano plays, emily’s flip flops flip and flop. Breezy. I smell a little of that old smell with the black and white logo. White shirt, as always (it’s a holiday today but I’m happily up and working). Emily is wearing her blue dress. I want to remember now. It’s about to change.

Central issue with the book: From cognitive load to motivation. Intrinsic, extrinsic – connection between user’s desire and maturity and the system’s innate enjoyability.

The benefit of Hyperwords. I still need to define it.

And the job of a knowledge worker system designer is partly to put connections within easer reach of the knowledge worker. Seems almost like little threads.

And Grieg plays through the flat, out the windows, where gentle sunshine returns.

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